Greyhound β˜…β˜…

How can a movie be so boring... Jesus Christ. I felt like I wanted to sleep. And dont be coming for me saying "oH lOgAn yOu hAtE dRaMaS aNd wAr mOvIeS" no bitch that got nothing to do with it. This film was just pure boredomπŸ˜‘.

Tom ily but... Why gurl... you're better than this... did catching corona damage your brain cells?🀨 The amount of cgi in this is ridiculous because it ruined the elements of war.πŸ™„ and wtf with them ships coming out of the water as if this was pirates of the mfCaribbean. Gurl....

And wtf were those random noises during suspense scenes. It sounded as if whales were attending tinder dates and and became mating season in the ocean...πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Yeah I couldn't finish. I was bored🀧

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