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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Trigger warning sensitive subjects like racism discrimination, assault etc

Archie: "Rock you cant do that I dont belong to you."
Rock: "Well I belong to you." *about to cry* "Dance with me." *holding desperately to archie's hands*
Archie: "Folks are gonna see you."
Rock: "I don't care. I dont care about that. I care about you". *Nearly on the verge if tears. "I love you"

When I tell yall I legit burst into tears. I dont usually cry but it affected me and shook me to my cold heart's core. This is probably gonna be a long review and a very personal one at that, because imma talk about some irl problems I have experienced. If you dont want to read that's more than fine. If you do though. You have my respect.

Okay so ryan. Thank you so much for doing this lil project even if it isnt realistic at times. It told a story, and that's what fiction is. A story waiting to be told and this tackled everything. Racism, sexism, homophobia etc. The music and costumes too were 👌🏻 I've noticed some negative reviews I disagree with those but it's just another opinion. Let me start with the cast. A diverse cast and Ryan never fails at that department. Everyone was different ethnic backgrounds and that is important to me. Because Ryan let's those people show their true talent. As talent doesnt include only the colour white. Talent you're born with and develop it no matter what background you are.

Archie being an African american man, he had dreams, he was talented, he was neglected for being black. What's also hard was that he wasnt just an African american black man. He was a african american black gay man. Which made it harder because you would get killed on the spot. YET HE ACHIEVED THE AMERICAN DREAM EVEN IF HE GOT BACKLASH.

As a white man myself I didnt experience racism until I was at year 7 of school. I was just a kid. I was elected year president. And there were 4 others from the years above mine. Who were also white. We were given this task to raise money for charity. I chose to do sponsored silence because it's easy and I never really spoke unless I was spoken to. When the principal asked us what our charity would be. I chose a charity that would send money to people and families who suffered from poverty in Africa. My teacher ripped my project on the paper apart and sent me to the principal. He told me I wasnt allowed to do that. I asked why. He never gave me a reason. I just wanted to help. I just wasnt supposed to. I had experienced racism I just never knew what it was or why. My father never let me hang out with people of colour. I never knew why. He would smile at people of colour whenever he had to interact with them but I could see it in his eyes the negativity. The older I grew the more I understood until I didnt depend on his opinions and teachings anymore. I chose to befriend people of colour my dad didnt like it but didnt stop me. I'm dating a person of colour. He doesnt know. He would flip. He would flip just by having a boyfriend but a coloured boyfriend would probably be worse. Anywho. Basically I chose to scrap the project.

I felt guilty for doing it. I showed the principal my back up and he was alright with it. I was ready for the presentation to be presented to hundreds of students and parents. On the final night. I chose to change my mind and go back to the original plan knowing it would get me in trouble with everyone but it was the right thing. I wanted there to be more food supplies more hospitals more schools in Africa. They may not have had or still have that many schools but somewhere there is a kid with talent and dreams. It felt right for them to get the opportunity we did. I raised £3k. I knew it wasnt enough. But it was something and knowing I did it. Gave me pride. I went to that stage and when I showed the presentation everyone was shocked. My principal was outraged. But I got through the presentation, my heart beating non stop. I was kicked out of the programme, got my title taken away. And was looked at differently. I was bullied by white classmates but at the end of the day I was a kid. And I just ignored it. When i left the school before me were a group of black parents and they all applauded and hugged me. My parents werent happy but i felt like i achieved something. And that is why i related to Archie. I may not be black. But i wanted to see his community rise up.

I'm only gonna talk about rock now because he was the second most important highlight. Rock represented purity in a human soul. He was far from perfect. He was a gay man with a dream but with 0 brain cells. He was truly an idiot however he was a pure idiot. My pure idiot. He met the man he loved in a hooker station and fell in love with a black man with the same dream. What hurts about rock is how terribly he was treated for having a dream. He had to get mo***ted and blackmailed without a choice, if he truly wanted to be an actor. He was constantly har***sed ab**ed bullied. And he still didnt give up to achieve that dream of his. And that makes him truly the strongest character because even in the end he still was traumatised, and corrupted but still managed to stay on his pure side, happily living with the man he loved. That's just so powerful.

Thank you Ryan Murphy this show means everything to me and I'll give this the lilo and stitch and bad education treatment yall just wait and see. I know it will get robbed at the emmies but I'm happy it exists

You can watch this on netflix, but if you dont have it. I got you back. 👉🏻Click Here👈🏻 but you must have an app called Mega downloaded. It's an App With a red M icon. I'll do this thing if I watch something I'll give yall the link in case you wanna watch.💁🏻‍♂️

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