• Euphoria: F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob

    Euphoria: F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob


    So how many hours of my life do I have to spend on this show, being emotionally invested in rue and jules just for this show to completely bully my feelings as payback

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl

    Hi guys so as some of you have noticed. I have been quite inactive for the past 2-3 weeks. By inactive I mean I barely interact with anyone or even spend more than 5 mins in this app.

    I'm going through some personal problems. With family, friends, and relationship and the negative vibes that Ive been getting from my comments sections on here lately are not helping. My mental health has been falling 6ft underground to a point where I…

  • Outside the Wire

    Outside the Wire


    Terminator salvation... but make it less marvellous

  • Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

    Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

    Definitely one of the weakest of the franchise. Actually probs the weakest of the franchise. It’s just such a bad film. Ive seen it what 3 times? This time with my good judy Nic. 

    I mean the movie has terrible acting for starters, shaky camera scenes, incredibly bland colour palette. Forgettable characters that again me and nic had to give nicknames just so we could remember them. There was no stand out characters besides the dog. Rip king you saved…

  • Divergent



    Can you even call yourself a gen z if you didnt read the whole trilogy at least 5 times as a teenager just because theo james is hot as Tobias Eaton?

  • Extraction



    The things I do just because I'm horny over david fucking harbour

  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

    Wrong Turn 2: Dead End


    Wrong turn franchise was the first horror franchise I bought on DVD I was about 12. This was during the time HMV was going bankrupted. Even tho these movies were an 18 HMV gave them to me because they were desperate for their moooooney

    And now that I watched it again. It hasnt aged as well as i hoped it would have however it is still a fun joyride. Most of the characters are forgettable but at least 3 are…

  • WandaVision



    Episode 1-2

    Honestly so fucking refreshing. The MCU isnt here to play around. I'd like people after watching this that still think the mcu isnt cinema to kindly shut up and get their eyes checked. This is art mama. The use of sitcom elements were pure brilliance and bliss. I was smiling like a kid who just opened their christmas gifts and got everything they wanted. I may not be the biggest elizabeth olsen fan or her wanda portrayal but…

  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    Just 4 men chilling in miami inventing history and all.

    Everything they built they built from the ground up. Because they is what? Powerful! Kings of creating marvellous impact even in today’s society

  • Entanglement



    TW: Suicide

    A man survives suicide and feels like he doesnt have much value in the world. He feels disconnected from the world until he finds out he could have had an adopted sister

    I feel like this movie has so much potential but turns out to become such a boring storyline. The characters are not interesting. The guy doesnt deliver a strong performance. As someone who has depression I didnt relate to him maybe because depression is different for…

  • Synchronic



    Falcon and the bondage soldier

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    Obiwan stans will rewatch revenge of the sith first thing in the morning like damn boo did you even try to be happy today?🤨