Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

As a huge fan of the Dawn of the Dead remake Zack Snyder made back in 2004 I was definitely looking forward to checking this out and this is certainly an interesting mash of the zombie and heist genres.

Both genres lend themselves pretty well to one and other and for fans of the genres the film plays up the tropes well and in a satisfying way. At times it feels a bit bloated like it would benefit from being a tad shorter as it admittedly drags on a little in places.

The standout performances here come from two places, Dave Bautista is the main one but the majority of the heist crew do have some fun banter. Bautista is at his best here. The absolute unit kills it bringing both his amazing physicality to action scenes and a strong performance as the star with some really strong emotional moments that really show off his versatility as an actor.

The zombies of this movie are very interesting. There’s a flair of originality about how these zombies exist and how they have evolved giving some of the most advanced and interesting zombies I’ve seen in a film in some time. There’s something special about seeing zombies presented in different ways to the stereotypical shambling broods and while somewhat muddled in places, I admire the choice to expand and create these new and interesting zombies and of course the Tiger- fucking awesome.

The big climax could have done with being slightly longer it’s full of some amazing action but it felt slightly rushed and almost a bit like there was a bit too much time building up the heist crew a bit much as only around half of the team were really memorable or interesting. 

Overall it’s a bit of a hodge podge genre mix that delivers on both sides but is a bit of a mess on the whole. Certainly a most enjoyable watch with some awesome action and a strong performance from Bautista. Worth checking out.

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