“…when distant galaxies are on my doorstep.” 

occasionally introspective.

Favorite films

  • La Jetée
  • Bush Mama
  • Terrorizers
  • GoodFellas

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  • To the Wonder


  • Trouble in Paradise


  • Ashes and Embers


  • You Can Count on Me


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  • You Can Count on Me

    You Can Count on Me

    Loved this one a lot when I was younger, but its flaws are too much to overlook now with more seasoning. Why is the music playing over pivotal dialogue between Linney and Ruffalo in the beginning??

    Still, Lonergan’s warm, understated style (both as a writer and a filmmaker) has always worked for me. Ruffalo still feels underrated. Laura Linney doing Laura Linney things. It’s a good movie overall.

  • Bitter Rice

    Bitter Rice


    “Can’t you see that arguing with yourselves is useless?”

    essential May Day viewing

Popular reviews

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    sometimes you’ve gotta watch a movie you know will be trash, made by a filmmaker who may be the new gold standard for nepotism granting the truly untalented a bevy of undeserved opportunities. and starring people I couldn’t care less about, as the false glamour of Hollywood does nothing for moi. it’s somehow even worse than his last film (of which I’ve previously stated my thoughts), as this time Levinson’s new fun plaything he can latch onto isn’t the 2010s…

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    eh. I’d prefer movies about socialists and communists to not be produced and performed by capitalists. don’t even get me started on having jay z be on the soundtrack.

    biopics never work for me. they just come off as lazy, half-hearted recreations of the truth, and almost never give you a complete picture anyways. idk man, I’d prefer to just read a book about what actually happened, and what the Panthers/Fred Hampton were really about. this film is just way…