Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★

though I’d prefer to not quote a song that I find real overrated...this is America. or, at least a sizeable chunk of it.

of course it’s not as brilliantly-executed as the first one, nor does it ever come close to reaching those highs in the first one (the bed and breakfast, the hotel fight), but I wasn’t expecting it to. idk, maybe it’s just that this style of comedy doesn’t work as much for me as it did back then. maybe it’s more difficult to laugh through the pain now that I’m just more aware of how trenchant this level of evil and stupidity is that’s displayed by the American citizens here. maybe it’s just fatigue over all of it (plus there’s the chance that we might get four more years of this...). it becomes tedious, and that “twist” was just...why? plus you just knew there’d be a fuckin voting PSA at the end. but there’s still some great moments. Borat saying that “more African leaders” are in power and then showing the Trudeau black face photo LMAOOO. the debutante ball scene made me think of something: there’s an interesting comparison to make too about how gross and patriarchal the societal values of some aspects of America and Kazakhstan are (though I wonder how much of the Kazakhstan stuff is faked for comedic purposes...I don’t wanna be Woke Guy (and I never really am Woke Guy) but do we need portrayals of foreign countries as being ass-backwards in 2020?)

but yeah, the two Borat movies could pass as fairly-accurate portrayals of a good chunk of America. and that...says a lot.

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