Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon

“It’s just like Tulsa. It’s just like Tulsa!”

A quintessentially American story - greedy, rapacious thugs infiltrating an entire community, an entire people! All to extract any semblance of wrestle to either make themselves fatter or pissing it all away. 

The first immediate thought that came to me was admiring the ways Scorsese can make the passage of time feel effortless - the flashy, swift montage that appears in the beginning.

I’m torn on wanting more urgency in its messaging, and appreciating the depictions of clinical, methodical evil. It feels though, that true passion and urgency for a story like this could only result from the artistry of an Osage filmmaker - not to knock Scorsese’s overall result. 

Should the question arise “is this a good film?” I’m not sure how I’d answer. It is, by broad definition of “good, certainly a good movie, but I typically enjoy “good” movies. It’s nearly impossible for me to have enjoyed the film, and I’m also unsure if “necessary” is the right way to sum it up either. What I’ve got no doubt about is that this is a horrific, truly chilling movie. The dread, the feeling of being submerged in terror, is constant. It’s here that is the mirror to be held up to the country’s soul, essence, the ways it maintains its existence. 

In that sense, it’s quite good.

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