La Notte

La Notte ★★★★★

still my favorite of the trilogy, yet I love it even more now. can clearly see the influence now that it had on other films/filmmakers (Tsai, Tarkovsky, etc.), it’s the one Antonioni I’ve seen so far where it feels he hit the bullseye precisely. not a second feels wasted, nothing lingers on too long, the entire environment and atmosphere of each shot is used to perfection, and the performers confidently and acutely display the ennui within their respective lives (it feels more appropriate to use the term Bresson used for his actors: “models”). the nightclub jazz scene, where they watch the black dancers, reminded me of a similar scene in Burning (which used Miles Davis’s ‘generique’...from Elevator to the Gallows...which also starred Jeanne Moreau)

I’m also enamored with how, on this viewing, viciously the film examines the rot of one’s soul brought on by industrialization, and how it depicts the affects this has primarily on the women here (this excellent essay sums it up better than I could)

I really do consider this to be not just a masterpiece, but a foundational film that is a source of deep pain, but also of understanding, and knowledge as well. 

“The rhythm of life today is in your hands. Maybe even the future.”

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