Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★

wonderful. an essential document on the power and reach of art, as well as a document on Los Angeles; a part of LA that is either forgotten or neglected (take your pick.) the visual effects and tricks Varda and crew pull off here for some of the scenes are breathtaking, I’m thinking mainly of the part where the mural of artists is being discussed by its creator, only for the real-life artists themselves to walk out from seemingly underneath the mural itself. I also appreciate how the film doesn’t end on a happy-go-lucky note either, laying bare the harsh realities of art and artists trying to express themselves in a world increasingly bent on demolishing everything in its wake for the sake of turning a profit via high-rise building projects. Varda has a special way of making 82 minutes just breeze on by. and it kinda made me miss LA, which is impressive in its own right.

(and those Willie Herron murals were HEAT)

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