Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

embodies the belief, no, the fact, that music has an intrinsic connection to very soul of human beings. even as someone who, before this, had only heard one talking heads album, the performances of these songs made me feel right at home. as if I’d heard these songs all my life. you are transported right in the thick of it all. every groove, every vocal, every movement, every bead of sweat flying on the stage, every roar from the crowd. there’s nobody like David Byrne. about halfway through the performance of ‘This Must Be the Place’, there’s a moment where he pauses, looks around, and doesn’t exactly smile. but you see he’s happy. he’s free. he’s totally aware of the great situation he’s in, and all the excellent musicians and artists around him in this moment. he surveys it all, knows he’s got it good, and continues. it’s a moment of quiet confidence, which is hilarious considering how animated and energised he is for everything else here. and then there’s every other performance, each of which has its own iconic moment. it’d all be sensory overload, if it didn’t double as pure bliss. for 88 minutes, nothing else matters. not irreparable damage to the earth, not grim political situations, not debt, not uncertainty over what the next day brings. only the music, only the art. only this. nothing else. it all makes sense, somehow.

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