• That Day, on the Beach

    That Day, on the Beach


    English / Spanish Review:
    Too much internal drama that just didn't get to me. I was thinking while I was watching it what is special about Yi-Yi (because Terrorizers is already outstanding just cinematographically), and it is that there is not such focus on suffering or disenchantment as much as here, in that one it is hidden and perceiving it becomes more powerful for me than when it's already presented it to you directly like here, the meeting in Yi-Yi…

  • Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade


    Similar to Korean movies like Kim Ki Duk's 'Adress Unknown' or 'The Coast Guard' with that haunting atmosphere, creating a desolated and cold world that seems to be forgotten and away of god's glance, suspictions and plots between police, miltary forces, spies, etc. Also with the dehumanization of those who are suposed to protect the civilians.

    It has a great animation, music, and interesting things as its pace and how it relates the story with the little red riding hood tale. But in the end it doesn't achieve to explore to the best all the subjects and story it raised.

  • Blue Velvet: The Lost Footage

    Blue Velvet: The Lost Footage


    With Blue Velvet deleted scenes Lynch made a better movie than many others, not even joking.

    This one is more centered in the university life of Jeffrey and his family life. Like a cheesy american highschool movie but without being cheesy because of that strange and weird way of showing his family and entourage (Lynch has a great understanding of how people behave).

    In general it's not outstanding, you could understand why some moments were not included, but the end...…

  • Coyote



    PSX graphics. The usual amazing dark atmosphere and sound design of Lynch.

  • Basically



    Basically this girl is the archetype of the most popular users in letterbox.
    omg crazy! I can't even... wow!!!

  • Nostos: The Return

    Nostos: The Return


    My Favorite Films
    Italy Films Top 10
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    Top 20 Films of the 80’s
    1989 Top 10
    Franco Piavoli Films Ranked
    Great Cinematography
    My favorite movie from each number and letter

    English / Spanish Review:
    One of my five favorite films ever (the first to enter there since my register in Letterbox), I would not know where to put it because I realized when I wanted to place…

  • Puparia



    The eyes... Woah!

  • Brother



    Prior review
    English / Spanish Review:
    I have not liked it as much as the previous times. It confirms an idea that is around my head that in recent years I value films more as a whole and previously I did it more for the individual moments / sequences or small details that form it (I don't know what is better, simply that this change is a fact).

    I still think that Susumu Terajima is spectacular, that Kitano plays a…

  • Green Fish

    Green Fish


    I already wrote a previous review, so I'm going to talk about why I love this movie, what it makes me feel outside the movie itself.

    Sadly even if I don't speak directly about the movie, it could being considered as having spoilers because of understanding what could happen in it.

    The begining with the photos of his childhood, what happens later, and the end sums the idea of some friends who are not here anymore. Life is strange, those…

  • Le Samouraï

    Le Samouraï


    English / Spanish Review:
    I had only watched one Melville movie previously, "Bob le Flambeur" that I liked so much I thought it was time to try with one of the best known of his career.

    For me 'Le Samouraï' is a slave to its style or form, in the moments when it works it is spectacular, with the silence of the protagonist, his stoicism, the main theme and how it accompanies Delon's mental state, the bluntly narrative and very…

  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya


    2013 Top 10

    English / Spanish Review:
    Beautiful animation and drawings far from the common anime. The movie starts and develops very well and in a very interesting way, recalling at times to Mizoguchi's 'Princess Yang Kwei Fei' with that idea of discovering that perhaps riches and living in a luxurious way is not everything in this life, and more if one has previously known a world with less artifice but more intense and with fewer emotional restrictions.

    I do…

  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


    Again with Yoshiaki Kawajiri the animation is impressive, on an aesthetic level Kawajiri is at the top tier of anime; the characters design, colors, shadows, backgrounds, and how the characters fit inside. This movie and most Kawajiri's, is a great example to compare with what I mean when I say that Miyazaki's characters don't merge with the background and seem like wax dolls, and that's not a problem of backgrounds, Miyazaki in general has beautiful backgrounds (many drawn by the…