Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Well. This is as crappy as I expected. It's a product not a movie - a sequence of selling dolls acting in not very connected sketches (some of them with unfunny jokes) . It got me entertained but it barely qualifies as a film. I couldn't care less about the DC vs Marvel stuff, but If I did I would be a Marvel fan for sure (although not the great cinema, at least they look cohesive as movies).
What's up with the evilish evil dudes and the glowing things on the sky? Boring! And all the boring action scenes. And too many characters, some of them utterly uninteresting, and some other poorly acted (Delevingne truly sucks, even more than the whole movie). Joker is Scarface in this one (look at the chopper scene)! Well, the direction and editing are almost absent. I give it 2 stars (I don't remember how many I gave to BvS, but nowadays, especially the "Martha" part, it annoys me, and 2 stars is more than enough, maybe too much) because It was ok to watch, only one time, and because some characters are almost ok (Deadshot and maybe Boomerang).
Oh Hollywood where are you going?

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