Castaway on the Moon ★★★★★

Hands down the best Korean film I’ve ever seen! First of all, I wish to thank all the people here who introduced me to this wonderful film. After reading superb reviews from users like Peaceful Stoner, Jonathan White, Daniel Rodriguez and several others, this became one of my most anticipated Korean films to see.

Castaway on the Moon really hit me on an emotional level like few other films have. It can be pretty funny at times, but also quite touching. The movie brings some interesting reflections on people’s obsession with physical beauty and makes you appreciate the little things in life a lot more. The performances from both Kim Seong-geun and Kim Jung-yeon were very captivating. You really feel for their characters and the strange relationship they start to develop. When the sad moments come, it’s simply impossible not to be touched by them. This is easily one of the most humbling, uplifting and heartfelt experiences I’ve had watching a movie and I couldn’t recommend it more!

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