Harakiri ★★★★½

Harakiri is a powerful tale that makes you inquire about the code of honor the samurais used to strictly live by, being quite brutal and tragic. Here, the focus is on the ritual suicide practiced by samurai in traditional japanese society. This film kept me on edge right from the start and it has one of those gut-wrenching moments you won't easily forget. I was very invested in the elder ronin samurai's story, which always made me wonder about the connection between his journey and the events that previously happened at a feudal's lord home. The performances are all great, especially Tatsuya Nakadai as the elder samurai who wishes to have an honorable death. His character Hanshiro Tsugumo faces periods of glory, happiness, regrets and misfortunes and Tatsuya nailed all of them perfectly. Also, the cinematography is phenomenal here and the action sequences shot in different terrains were intense and well choreographed. Particularly, the battle which takes place in a windy field of tall grass. Harakiri can be a heavy watch at times, but is always interesting and fascinating. Highly recommended!

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