Her ★★★★★

Spike Jonze, the mastermind behind the fantastic Being John Malkovich, brings us a timely romance between a man and his operating system, doing a brilliant analysis on the influence of technology in people’s lives and how its rapid evolution can reinvent the way relationships work. Her can be funny, relatable and very touching, approaching a not so distant future that our society is heading to. Another thing that was very interesting to see is how Samantha, the revolutionary OS, begins to grow and evolve as her relationship with Theodore progresses, but also helps him carry on and change as a person. Joaquin Phoenix is truly remarkable as this lonely and broken man who is unable to let his past go, giving another phenomenal performance. Scarlett Johansson really impressed me as well and made me feel all kinds of emotions just by guiding me through her voice. Her is absolutely a masterpiece, being one of the most meaningful films I’ve ever seen.

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