Her ★★★★★

It's amazing how Her still delivered such a strong emotional punch upon my second watch. I think we can all relate to what the characters are experiencing here and how they perceive relationships because everything just feels so genuine and natural even though we are transported to a future scenario. The screenplay by Spike Jonze is simply stellar, having plenty of memorable quotes which were delivered in a very heartfelt manner by the great cast involved. Seeing Samantha as a conscious entity and in a constant learning process was another brilliant aspect of the story, leading into an unexpected turn of events. There were some truly moving situations that will never lose any of their impact on me no matter how many times I watch the film. The score , which shifted from melancholic to joyful tones, only helped boasting the intensity in those moments. For all the reasons mentioned above, I can safely say Her has guaranteed a spot in my Top 10 of all time. Thank you, Spike Jonze, for letting us embark on this beautiful and insightful journey!

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