Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★½

Le Samouraï is a very stylish movie, considered to be one of the best french crime films by many. Jef Costello is such a cool and disciplined character and something I found interesting is that you can identify several aspects of a samurai's principles and conducts in the main character's personality, such as loneliness and bravery. The ending scene is memorable and just reinforces that similarity. However, the main problem I had with the film is that it lacked suspense and intensity , being a bit tiresome at times. Also, Jef is supposed to be a perfectionist who always plans very carefully his hits so he doesn't get caught. He actually makes a lot of obvious mistakes here so I was a bit put off by that. There is hardly any dialogue here, but I wasn't bothered since the acting is pretty solid. Le Samouraï isn't bad by any means and it's certainly worth seeing. I just couldn't appreciate it as much as everyone else.

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