Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★

A great quality of Pierrot le Fou is that it escapes from the conventional form of storytelling by having our protagonists interact with the audience and with each other during their narration. The movie is a nice blend of various genres and Jean-Luc Godard's use of color here makes it visually unique and interesting to watch. However, I couldn’t get that invested in the story unfortunately. Most of the dialogue has a poetic approach and I got put off by how Ferdinand and Marianne often complete each other's lines or keep delivering the same sentences. There are also some contrivances in the plot and a couple of silly moments that ended up making me not care so much for the fate of the characters. Finally, another distraction is the soundtrack, which is abruptly interrupted or intercalated sometimes. Even though the duo shares great chemistry and this was a charming yet tragic journey, I can’t say I enjoyed the adventure for the most part.

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