Rush ★★★★

Highs: Excellent performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl as the leads. I was pleasantly surprised by how Rush was all about this rivalry between them instead of focusing more on the car races. I am not a big fan of Formula 1, but this film was just so well shot and full of adrenaline, making me pumped in all of the race sequences. The story is pretty simple, but manages to balance heartfelt, uplifting, funny and melancholic moments in a very effective manner. I liked how these drivers have many flaws, showing their love for the sport in unique ways. Finally, Hans Zimmer composes another terrific soundtrack that fit this film perfectly.

Lows: We get to see how James Hunt has a controversial and unstable personal life and I felt there may have been a tad too many scenes showing his issues, which ended up breaking the mood on certain occasions. Some of the humourous moments didn't work so well for me, but I didn't have any major problem with the film overall.

Verdict: It's nice to see Ron Howard back in the director's chair again. Rush is the best racing car film I've seen and definitely one of the finest films released this year so far.

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