Sexy Beast ★★★★½

After a spellbinding experience with Under the Skin, I was anxious to see Jonathan Glazer’s other work and I can safely say that Sexy Beast is definitely another incredible film of his resume. The dark humor keeps you entertained throughout the entire movie but there’s also a very interesting conflict lived by Ray Winstone’s character. The actor gives one his best performances and Ben Kingsley is absolutely insane on screen. He truly shines in this unconventional role, showing how versatile he can be. His presence was always unsettling and intimidating to watch. The other segment with Ian McShane was also engaging and his interactions with Winstone were quite memorable. Jonathan Glazer adds some surreal imagery and a strangely poetic quality to the dialogues, showing glimpses of what would come later in his career with Under the Skin. He is already becoming of my favorite directors and I can hardly wait to watch Birth.

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