Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★½

This is certainly an interesting departure from Blue. While the previous film works as an engaging drama, Three Colors: White is a lot more lighthearted for the most part, coexisting in the same period and location as its predecessor. I just loved how the director connected both films with a brief and very amusing scene. This time, the main theme being explored is equality and you could say the story is a tale of revenge in a way. Changing the backdrop to Poland was a nice move and it was entertaining to follow Karol get back on his feet and build his confidence again. There are a couple of dramatic moments too, but I’m afraid they weren’t very absorbing as the overall tone of the film is quite cheerful. This second chapter of the trilogy might not be as riveting as the first one, but it’s definitely an intriguing follow-up and well worth a watch.

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