Under the Skin ★★★★★

Definitely one of the most audacious, visually stunning and touching films in recent years! Scarlett Johansson gives an outstanding performance here and it’s great to see her doing more alternative roles again. I wasn’t familiar with Jonathan Glazer’s work but I was instantly captivated by the unique story, the extravagant visuals and haunting score. Under the Skin is not only a very compelling drama that examines an emotionless alien who gradually starts to perceive how it feels to be human, but it’s also filled with several enigmatic figures throughout this journey which will make you ponder about them long after seeing the movie. In addition, there were a couple of disturbing moments and one in particular which actually made me gasp in shock. Following this outcast who slowly grows some kind of empathy towards the human race and seeing her interactions with all the different types of individuals that cross her path made for a truly riveting watch. Under the Skin is one of the most fascinating films I’ve seen and I just can’t wait to experience it again.

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