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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

  • Lightyear

  • The Black Phone

  • Alligator

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  • Heat


    I’ve seen this movie many times. But tonight was my favorite, because my wife and I stumbled wine-drunk into a little theater in Paris that was playing it with French subtitles. There was joyous laughter and some applause at Pacino’s “She’s gotta great ass!” line. 

    My point…life is beautiful.

  • Matador


    You crazy for this one, Pedro.

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  • Crash


    By far my favorite movie where someone fucks a scar.

  • The Father

    The Father

    Goddamnit aging can be cruel. This movie does a brilliant job of putting the audience in the head of a man with dementia. Reality, time, identity are all jumbled. This “not knowing what’s real” quality gives the movie an aura of mystery that I wasn’t expecting. Originally a play, I can see how it would work on the stage, but the story benefits from the cinematic approach, particularly the fluid production design — the settings bleed into each other more…