Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

"I'm tired. I thought I just needed a night's sleep but it's more than that."

In just two short sentences, so much Inside Llewyn Davis and of the titular character is revealed. The film is about so much more than just the struggling artist. The Coen Brothers have created one of the most nihilistic and poignant, yet beautiful films I have ever seen.

I've become very fascinated with the folk music scene in the 60's, particularly in Greenwich Village, over the past few months. I've also become fascinated with artists, especially folk artist, who were unsuccessful while they were alive, but grew in popularity posthumously. Inside Llewyn Davis is almost the perfect film for me. The Coen Brothers bring an alluring quality to this film, combining their usual dry humor with a beautiful dreariness.

The character of Llewyn Davis may be one of my favorite characters in film. While being talented, he is still unable to find success in any areas of his life. Many have said he is rude, yet I actually have never seen that. I think he is someone who has a nihilistic point of view. He is someone who, as said in the quote, has been trying so hard for so long that he feels he can no longer continue down this road. Despite this, he is also destined to repeat the same mistakes. All of this makes him a fascinating, deep, layered, and complex character.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a very personal film to me. I find so many of its themes relatable to my life, and my way of thinking. Watching it makes me think existentially, about whether I want to live, or just exist.

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