I mean, it's fine? Entertaining. I liked when things went backwards. Not exactly deep, and there's a difference between "complex" and "intentionally withholding information so things only make sense later," and this movie is far more the latter than the former as much as it wants you to think otherwise. Like, I'm not confused, you just haven't given me all the puzzles pieces yet so I can't see what the picture is! Same deal as Inception there.

I guess I at least admire that this is a movie that feels like it came from someone's vision. That vision might be crypto-Tory propaganda, but it's not the kind of insipid corporate content you see in the marvel industrial complex. This feels like a movie that was made by people who love movies. Low bar, but it's nice to see that that's still possible in the big budget blockbuster arena.

It's a shame John David Washington isn't a more charismatic actor. He's hot and all and fine in the role but there were a number of lines where it was like "Wait was that your best take?" This isn't a movie where the writing is going to carry a character, so having more ~star power~ in the lead woulda helped. Nice that R Pats got to be British for once tho.

Oh, I liked the skreetchy parts in the score! That was neat.

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