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  • Krull



    Generally speaking, I'm not really a 4/20 kind of guy.

    But I did get totally stoned and watch Krull with some neophytes today, and holy shit did we have a good time.

    Though it drags at times, the frenzied plot is a sheer delight when one is receptive to the ephemeral quirks of a fantasy maelstrom. Aliens! Lazers! Mythical weapons! A cyclops! Shapeshifters! Giant spiders! Teleporting castles! Flying horses! Epic quests with way too much mountaineering!

    James Horner's score, though…

  • Paterno



    An incisive biopic, masterfully distilling a labyrinthine scandal to its essence without sacrificing believability or dramatic virtuosity. - ▲▲

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    There's an elegant simplicity buried beneath the subtly soulful performances, elaborately filthy cyberpunk production design, labyrinthine procedural noir mystery, and gorgeous cinematography of this pseudo-cult masterpiece.

    What does it mean to make a choice?

    KD6-3.7 was designed for a purpose: 'retire' rogue replicants. He's good at his job, sheepishly avoiding the ire of his human superiors as he carves out his niche and saves up bonuses to enhance his Joi unit, the one thing that brings him a modicum of…

  • Vertigo



    I received a blu-ray Hitchcock set for Christmas I'd asked for primarily because I wished to own this film on the format. And I was once again swept away by its subtle, and not-so-subtle charms.

    The maze that is the film's entire first act is a sort of ponderous, leisurely game whose rules hypnotically obsess a man who desperately wishes to be useful and to be a good guy. All the while, the bows of Hermann's string score seem to…