I Care a Lot

1) I think for an villain-protagonist to work, they need to at least have some type of sympathetic character traits or background. Similar to the show You, if you make the main character so utterly unlikable, the viewer just wants to see them get their comeuppance. For a villain-protagonist narrative to work, I think the viewer needs to be in conflict on some level: Dexter kills bad people, most of the time people much worse than him (although Dexter is still wrong and you should not be on his side), Walter White had a back story where his former partners kinda screwed him over, and he started selling meth for his family (Walter is wrong, not admirable, and for the little fan-boys, YOU SHOULDN'T BE ON HIS SIDE). But what about Marla? What is the viewer supposed to feel for her as they watch the movie, besides utter contempt? According to the framing, I think I'm supposed to be conflicted and find myself rooting for her on some level...however, if that's the goal, it was a failure.

2) Tyrion needs to hire some damn halfway-competent henchmen...

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