Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

The manner in which Richard Linklater simultaneously interrogates and weaponizes nostalgia is most likely the key to his uninsistent genius.

Dazed And Confused is a film that textually is anti nostalgia. Whose characters constantly, neigh continuously scoff at the idea that there is anything good, let alone special about the times the are living in.

And yet as I was riding around a boarded up Austin trying not to cry and kill my emotions with physical exhaustion, there was Wooderson, painted all over the place assuring me that everything was going to be "Alright, alight, alright."

So I went home, feeling Nostalgic for the Austin of a month ago. To watch a film that is nostalgic for an Austin I never even came close to experiencing (I moved to Austin precisely 35 years after the movie takes place, 18 years after it was shot, born 9 years after it is set). Which in turn makes me nostalgic for the times I watched it on VHS in someone's basement as a teenager in Cleveland somewhere around Mitch Kramer's age grooving for the first time on a similar type of substances. And of the time when I moved to Austin in 2011 with the great recession in full swing, with no idea what kind of a future I might have, but figuring I could at least watch a couple of good movies and catch some shows while I figured it out. To add one more layer of nostalgia this has always been a movie I associate with my Mom, who was more or less the same age of the graduating seniors in the film, and let me understand her a bit better as a peson.

So this modest stoner comedy has some how turned into a dizzying hall of mirrors for me. A labrynith of competing perspectives and selves that I am compelled to turn to for comfort. Not bad for a film that almost certainly no one beyond its director had any sort of ambition for and goes down as easy as a cold Lonestar on a ninety five degree night.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, Party at the Moontower.

P.S.: Fox On The Run and Cherrybomb?? James Gunn basically ripped all of his soundtracks off of this didn't he?

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