Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

"I can't hear you, do you understand me? I'm deaf!"

This film is immaculate. A simple story told through perfect direction, acting and editing and giving us a phenomenal performance from Riz Ahmed and pretty much everyone else from the cast. The film is an emotional ride, showing the life of a metal drummer who starts to quickly lose his hearing and at first, his whole life. The use of community and friendship is powerful, signifying how deafness does not define someone's life and acts as an encouraging tribute to the deaf community.

I am a big fan of the drums. I have a kit (haven't played in a bit), my brother has a kit, my dad has a kit, my cousins and so on. My family are familiar with the drums and it's bizarre that we chose that instrument. For me, it's a way to vent, being able to hit the drums as hard as possible and get into a world of my own, even though it can take your hearing. I love metal too. I love music in general. I love movies. The fear of losing my hearing was realized whilst watching this film, specifically when getting the perspective of our lead, Ruben as he tries to cope with the deep tones overrunning the ambient noises of his world.

The sound design was insane. The beginning shows a very loud and strong performance from Ruben and his girlfriend, Lou and the director uses the next morning to quickly establish normal sounds that he would hear, like his blender that makes smoothies. After he starts to go deaf, it contrasts perfectly as he hears barely anything when making another smoothie.

I must say, I watched this with headphones on and it was so immersive. Each time the sound dipped, I honestly felt like I was there and that silence at the end of the film had me glued to the screen. It's an incredibly sad movie. I nearly cried at one point because it was just so heartbreaking. I already mentioned the performance from Riz Ahmed but it's just simply powerful. He's got such a likeable presence on screen and you can't help but feel for this man. The authentic look of the film accompanies the performances and its natural tone makes it all feel real. I was hooked with the very first shot right down to the very end when the credits started to roll.

Overall, this is an extraordinary film and I feel everybody should give it a go if they have Prime. There are amazing performances, immersive sound design, beautiful visuals and solid pacing throughout the whole runtime! Please watch it!

If you've seen this, let me know what you think!

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