Straight Up ★★½

oof. ugh. huh. 

i'm disappointed, maybe. i'm surprised, maybe? i'm confused... maybe... 

i saw the preview for this film on netflix a couple days before it came onto the platform, and it's the entire scene of our two leads in the library. i was intrigued, for sure! how could you not be? that scene is electric! there's something there that a lot of movies reach for and fall flat trying to achieve! so, i was very excited to watch this one. but after seeing it, i feel deflated. i feel like this movie got lost somewhere along the very worthy and important story it was trying to tell. i hate every person in this film. i hate every off kilter shot. i think i hate everything that makes this movie what it is. so what i'm trying to say is, this one just isn't for me! but i can appreciate the spark between these leads, the obvious brilliance of the script, and the wherewithal to tell a story like this when the world needs it.

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