Wonder Woman ★★★★★

I don't care that it wasn't perfect, and that it was a bit creaky in places (particularly in the CGI). I loved it unconditionally because it portrayed strong women so beautifully.

I love the way that they used actors who were also athletes or martial artists as the Amazons in the opening scenes. They all looked so tough, fast, graceful, capable and strong that I totally bought the brief bits of flying through the air and shooting three arrows at once. Gal Gadot is so perfect as Diana/Wonder Woman, and in my opinion, the whole film is worth it just for that scene in no-man's land. That power pose that we never get to see women doing in films, the way she was just resisting with strength and power and determination, well, that brought quite a lump to my throat.

The light-hearted scenes were done well, particularly when she was trying to find an outfit with Etta (I could have seen a lot more of Etta - she was great), and the interaction between Diana and Steve was good and believable. I can't wait for the next one...