Braveheart ★★★★

With a dynamic performance from Mel Gibson along with his unexpected, though brilliant directing, Braveheart has become one of the finest films ever made, if not one of the most famous epics ever produced. Loosely based on the real life of William Wallace, the man who united the clans of Scotland in order to obtain their independence from the tyranny of Britain, Braveheart, underneath its historical aspect, also beautifully told the story of William’s love for his wife that charged his campaign till the very end. With a stunning cast and remarkable dialogue, Braveheart exemplified the potential for such films, creating a storyline that was as enriching as well as inspiring with some of the most violent and visual battle sequences ever captured, it formed a new impression of the epic genre; one beloved by both men and women. Though dramatic and tragic, Braveheart became a symbol of a nation’s pride, one man’s strength, and a people’s hope; a testament to their “Freedom."