Ted ★★★

The movie is exactly what you would expect from Seth McFarlane and if you’re a fan, it does not disappoint. Now is it the best comedy of the year? Not at all. But if you enjoy this kind of humor it’s definitely worth seeing and McFarlane handles it well for his first directorial debut. The jokes, a la Family Guy, do push limits and in some cases you do catch yourself laughing while at the same time looking around thinking "Am I wrong for laughing at this?" And though the story is simple; boy wishes for teddy bear to come alive, it does. Ahead 27 years later, girlfriend wants him to grow up, bear is a potty mouth pervert, the real highlight is the fun the film has and if you’re a product of the 80’s McFarlane offers some of the best references and even had me feeling nostalgic, along with some nice surprises. Now with that being said, the film is not for kids and even some adults. The language is harsh and the sexual references are not subtle. Do not let the teddy fool you.