After Hours

After Hours ★★★★★

For when one, unsuspecting, Paul Hackett heads out into the night in search of a little excitement to spice up his somewhat mundane life. He may discover that the "little" excitement he asked for may prove to be too much to handle, so much so that it engulfs him, chews him up and spits him right out... and when we are back to the "safe zone", we quickly realize that perhaps safety is overrated as we're left with a small yearning for the insanity that had just transpired.

The insanity that we were desperately trying to escape only a minute ago.

You can't help but feel as though Paul is broke into an alternate dimension when he got into that cab in the very beginning. The speed and zaniness of that whole car ride sequence. I really loved Kailey's review and her "Alice in Wonderland remake" interpretation! A freefall into a hellish madness and chaos with seemingly no end (like purgatory?)... Until it's done, and you're thrown back into your average life. Almost anti-climactically.

Scorsese is my favorite filmmaker (should be apparent by my letterboxd activity lmao) for a multitude of reasons, some sentimental and some not, but this just brings on an entirely new dimension for me when it comes to his films. A manic, stylistic fever dream of a film that means everything and nothing. Brimming with acute religious subtext while also being ridiculously absurd. So alluring and mysterious while also being hilarious and fun. Easily one of my favorites of his and of all-time.

One thing for sure though is that I'm never fucking going to SoHo.

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