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  • Project Nightmare

    Project Nightmare


    Two guys are attacked by some sort of unexplainable terror one night camping and then take santurary in a house with some random woman.  The more the trio try to escape they seem to be coming into contact with some type of barrier and also more people that don’t know how they got there.  That is until it’s discovered to all be part of some government experiments.  The film is intriguing and pulls you in minus the lack of budget and stays interesting until the end.  It reminded me a lot of The Endless and other types of multiverse scenario styled films.

  • Zombiethon



    ‘80s compilation of scenes of zombie films, usually of European origin.  A woman and her kid escape the undead to hole up in a theatre run and completely populated by zombies.  Some clips of Zombie, A Virgin Among the Living Dead, and more.  It reminded me that I need another viewing of Zombie Lake.

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  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage


    Forget Requiem for a Dream, Less Than Zero, or The Basketball Diaries.  Brain Damage is the ultimate of anti-drug films.  The film has a perfect mix of comedy, horror, and tragedy.  Somehow this film has hit it's apex now, this is Frank Henenlotter's magnum opus.  From his typical NYC locales, the insane amount of practical effects, a protagonist that you can sympathize with, and a great use of self-referencing with characters from other Henenlotter films to show the fact that…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    When I first heard about a Blade Runner sequel I was on the fence about it, Blade Runner has been my all time favorite sci-fi film since I was 12.  On the other hand when I read that it was not directed by Ridley Scott, but instead by Denis Villeneuve I was all in.  I have always been a big Scott fan even of the highly disputed Prometheus I was still behind him, but I felt heavily disappointed by Alien:…