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  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    Arsenic and Old Lace


    This was funnier than I expected. Even with my stepfather truly convinced that was Boris Karloff in the film and not listening to the subplot at all.

  • The Feminine Touch

    The Feminine Touch


    There’s a moment when Don Ameche goes to board a boat but the boat has drifted off from the dock. Comedy gold but then they ask him to chase after the boat and rather than grab onto it he pulls a string while he’s right behind the motor. I gasped and my mom exclaimed “what’s wrong?” And I had to confess I thought that Ameche was going to be hacked to bits. My mom asked if I had seen comedy before and laughed at her own joke. So I basically disowned that bitch.

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  • Moonlight



    Beautiful shots, dialogue and emotional drive. Having just seen Handmaiden, these two movies couldn't have been more different yet the stories were both framed similarly in three acts and focus on the taboo of same sex couplings. It jogs a lot of memories of pivotal moments from your childhood that shape you socially and sexually.

  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    “Whatever you imagine your life is going to be like, know your life is not going to be anything like that.”

    This is my favorite thing in 2017 so far. I'm a huge Beginners fan so I couldn't wait for this to be released in Chicago. Maybe it was the hopeless single mom vibe that really hit home. Not quite bohemian but accidentally the effect which my mom floundered in most of our lives together. Annette Benning is so perfectly lost, vulnerable and understated. It was breathtaking to watch. And there is nothing cooler than Greta Gerwig trying to make her way.