Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★

Listen, the fact that no one is fawning over Ben Bendelsohn’s superb acting is just wrong. He has a pretty thankless role and he made it interesting every time he’s on screen. He’s acting circles around Mark Rylance even though they barely share the screen at all.

Why was Letitia Wright squandered????

I think it is very exciting to see Tye Sheridan in a lead role. I hope Spielberg saw him in Entertainment and was all “someone give him a Wonka ticket”. The casting was interesting but Lena Waithe should have taken over the script writing because that was some lifeless bullshit dialogue.

This birthmark is the new Hollywood "she's so ugly because she wears glasses even though she looks likes a model"

In a movie so overtly obsessed with the 80's why are there at least two 70's songs and one from the 60's? Also, the 80's songs chosen didn't need to be quite so obvious. I get that this is excess of pop culture but there could have been some fun choices like Goonies R Good Enough. Don't touch the Prince or Tears for Fears though.

Lastly, Simon Pegg gets the ultimate shaft from his best friend and he’s like “I’ll go work in a museum dedicated to erasing me from history just in case he realizes that he was a dick and I'll just hang out with this gaggle of lawyers in case a boy with a heart of gold wins the chocolate factory”? And if you didn't recognize his voice as that robot, you and I need to have a talk.

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