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  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen


    a life long favourite film and one of my mom's most treasured gifts to me!

    theatre kids make dangerous revolutionaries...

    the design in this film is truly out of this world. dante ferretti is a genius of fantastical proportions.

  • The Tarnished Angels

    The Tarnished Angels


    my least favourite sirk

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  • Possession



    i just feel like i have to give it five stars because I don't know how a film can incite such a strong physiological response from a person.

    damn, those are some PHYSICAL performances - that's what I call acting with your whole body !!

    I spent so much of this movie praying that the characters would just please dear god wash their clothes :(

    isabelle adjani is a divine being and if nothing else i feel blessed to have been given a film where her face has so much screen time.

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    I am suitably impressed with B-Coopz' directorial debut