Good Time ★★★★½

that was a full-on 1 hour and 40 minute panic attack.

this movie packs a PUNCH.

i loved the visual language of this brutal film: they kept tight on those gaunt, sad and sweaty faces! lots of grim fluorescent-lit hallways! I thought the distancing pull-aways - the overhead shots of the car and connie's take down - were placed in perfect contrast to the unflinching closeups that dominate the movie (not unlike my current favourite movie of 2018 in this way...).

the safdie brothers really pulled it out of the bag...holy fuck did they throw a few curveballs in there! I can't believe it took me so long to see this movie.

and, as stated by all, robert pattinson is STEL-LAR.

oh also, the iggy pop song at the end is perfection. (I cried).

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