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  • Alias Nick Beal

    Alias Nick Beal


    Out of an entire weekend of ace noir, this was my favorite. Between Milland's foreboding eyes and devilish (yeah, yeah let me have it) dialogue and the stunning fog-soaked cinematography (Milland's intro and exit are both beyond stellar), I was riveted from start to finish.

  • Three Strangers

    Three Strangers


    Peter Lorre is where it's at, man. Also where it's at is Geraldine Fitzgerald. Talk about a pair of actors elevating a fairly basic plot!

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  • The Astrologer

    The Astrologer


    If ever there was a movie made for me and my deep love for singular visions brought to life despite the lack of any ability to so in any fashion resembling standard ideas of "correct", this is it!

    It does little good to describe the plot of this movie and doing so would only ruin the fun of the constant string of surprises that is THE ASTROLOGER. It's the kind of movie where an abrupt change in time and location…

  • Furious



    A lot of people use the word "indescribable" to describe movies that are actually fairly describable. It's an easy word to fall back on when other words are a bit too complicated to string together (similar to the outdated and meaningless word "quirky").

    FURIOUS is a truly indescribable movie because in order to accurately outline the plot, you'd have to explain the completely unexplainable connection between random chickens, questionable Kung fu, dime-store sorcery, suddenly-appearing assassin chefs, an unmentioned/unacknowledged electro band, an office building fortress and more.

    Ounce for ounce this may be the most entertaining movie I've seen in a decade.