Doctor Sleep ★★★½

For me, I wouldn't think of this as a sequel to 'The Shining'. Other than the characters, this feels like an entire separate universe from 'The Shining', and it shows.

What it makes though is that it's a great companion piece to the 1980 film. Mike Flanagan has no desire to replicate what Kubrick did (and frankly, good for him), but rather chose to do it his own filmmaking style (if you watched 'Haunting of Hill House' and 'Gerald's Game', you'd know).

In fact, I'd even daresay a lot of the flaws of the film center on its shoehorned attempts to connect it to The Shining, because as its own story, it actually does work (albeit a tad bit overlong).

Just to inform though: if you are expecting a film purely grounded on pure horror like 'The Shining', you might be disappointed. While this does have horror elements, it is ultimately a fantasy (and a well-told one, at that).