The Dark Knight ★★★★

The Dark Knight [2008]
I'm in the minority of the audience base where I say that I prefer "Batman Begins" than "The Dark Knight". However, that dosen't me from saying that "The Dark Knight" is a great movie, much less of a superhero movie, but more of a crime psychological thriller. I like how they decided not to put Batman/Bruce Wayne as the focal character in the movie, and although they practically did that in the Burton and Schumacher films, they were done poorly and mainly for toyetic reasons, while this film does it with a clear and specific purpose that is just done brilliantly. This is not a Batman film, it's a film about Harvey Dent, his story, his rise and fall towards the depths of corruption and chaos. The scene in the interrogation room and the final scene in the building are the clearest standouts.

PS: I'm pissing my pants right now on how psyched I am to see "The Dark Knight Rises" tonight.