24 Hours to Live ★½

I wish I was given 24 hours to forget this movie, but I'm still thinking about how bad it was. The start was pretty solid, despite some clunky action -- I was ready to like it -- but something happened... (the conceit of the whole movie)...

I didn't know what this movie was about when I started. I just like Ethan Hawke, and he makes good, interesting choices (usually). Whenever action happened, bad guys spoke, or things exploded, this movie lost my interest. But, there were some compelling moments in between. You confused me, movie! I'll lay 24 Hours to Life out of you clearly: if you're going to have an overly serious tone, and your hero gets shot (from the side) in the shoulder, he *cannot* throw someone or do anything with that arm, I don't care if you're a zombie. Was it implied that he had zombie powers, besides the ability to hallucine? Did I miss it? Because a movie has to abide by its own rules. Period.

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