Aquaman ★★★

Aquaman, Aquaman, does whatever an Aquaman does!

Now we know all know what he does: he drinks whiskey and sea water for fun, enjoys long walks on the beach, and loves his brother even when his brother is trying to ruin his Aloha spirit by destroying the surface world.

That pretty much sums it all up, but if you need more clarity...

Aquaman is some seriously dumb fun, by a director who is really good at making some stupidly fun movies. (I do really like James Wan's directing style.) Aquaman isn't bogged down by a bunch of your typical comic-book movie tie-ins and over seriousness; but, it's just way too freakin' long! About half way through I nearly lost my tolerance for all the aqua dumbness (mainly Mera). I probably won't remember a thing about it two months from now, but it definitely happened.

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