Doctor Sleep ★★★★

If you really think about it, this is not an easy movie to make. There's the obvious: grappling with the balance of Steven King's book and one of the greatest movies of all time. Then there's the not so obvious: showing gypsy soul suckers on screen. It isn't something that many directors could pull off, let alone make interesting. And then, having us sympathize with and root for a drug addict? Often, it's a case of surviving the pain of it until the character sobers up. Normally those kinds of choices bug me, but in the case of Danny, it makes sense; I was on board. There were many choices, both broad and minute, that added up to something rather good. It couldn't have been easy making and executing these choices -- how to show them on screen, and get the audience to care. I felt like Doctor Sleep had a unique take on the horror genre all around. Not particularly scary, but interesting.

Mike Flanagan's been on my radar since Hush, and it seems like his work is just constantly improving. I look forward to revisiting Doctor Sleep soon with the supposedly better "Director's Cut" on the Blu-ray.

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