Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot ★★★★½

I ... kind of loved this movie. This is the perfect movie about alcoholism and the twelve-step program for me. It's both thought provoking and life affirming. The tone is so specific, that I've been trying to verbalize it internally to myself for a week. What's it called when something feels realistic and fanciful, deals with complex subject matter in a simple and direct way, and injects a serious subject matter with charm and humor? To do all that, without making it feel precious, and craft a film that flies by with a brisk pace is profound.

From a technical standpoint, I was amazed by the structure -- it's not ground breaking, put the execution was. Gus Van Sant deserves a huge credit for his work. (I was particularly fond of the editing.) Also, just look at that cast! There are so many cameos in this film, and everyone came with some of their best work. By the way, I thought I recognized Beth Ditto (formerly) of The Gossip!

I think a week ago, my review would have looked more like Rebecca's. She did a fantastic job. A week later, and I'm still thinking about this movie, so I thought I'd add a bit more of the fondness that's crept into me. I even just upped my rating by a half star. This doesn't seem like a movie you'd watch again very soon after watching, but I think I might...

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