Dragged Across Concrete ★★★★

Another winner from S. Craig Zahler. At this point, you should know if you like his movies or not. (I bought and watched the Blu-ray completely on faith.) I've rated each of his films 4 stars, and I think my rating might go up when I make it back to them. It's almost unheard of that a director can go 3 for 3 with films I won't soon forget. I must have brought up Bone Tomahawk in impolite conversation fifty times by now.

Zahler seems to have a very particular way of dealing with violence that I don't like, but I respond to. Instead of glorifying the violence, he puts it on display in short, aggressively intense bouts. Dragged Across Concrete is no different, but this is certainly the director's tamest outing.

I'd almost say that Dragged Across Concrete is a bit too long, but it's the length that adds to the drama, the tension, and the release. It may be a challenge to embrace in the modern cinema landscape, but I find it refreshing and even exhilarating. There's this slow burn feeling of "fffff**********ck." In fact, I think the movie just gets better up until its stellar ending.

I love this director's work. I ended up buying all his screenplays to read, and his next project is for Jim Henson Studios (supposedly). I have high hopes, and I'm certain they'll be exceeded.

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