Gemini Man ★★

Review is for 4K Version (See Note**).

Seriously bizarre and visceral because of 60 fps frame rate and constant close ups. When older Will Smith licks his fingers before taking a shot, I felt the saliva on my tongue. YUCK! For good and bad, you cannot hide one bit of your raw acting talent in this environment...

In the words of one of his characters, "The whole thing was weird."

**From what I understand, Gemini Man was shot at 120 fps, and the 4K UHD is presented in 60 fps. The Blu-ray is at the standard movie frame rate of 24 fps. Upon reflection, the weirdness of the frame rate was alluring, and I think most people aren't seeing the movie as intended -- myself included. I popped the Blu-ray on just now, and it's not nearly the same movie experience; 24fps dulls out both the good and bad edges leaving a blander film (it feels more like a "soap opera"). I'm sure 120 fps would have been something notably different too. I guess I should have seen it in IMAX just for curiosity's sake... it's still maybe not Ang Lee's best film. ;)