Good Time ★★★★

Okay, that was intense. I was so stressed out! Something about the low-fi quality of the film-making, coupled with the whirling/droning/driving score... I really dug it. There were sound issues (changes in volume/quality) that somehow added to the experience.

I might describe it as a comedy of errors without the comedy. It reminded me of After Hours in some ways (on acid), but also something else I can't quite pinpoint yet. Anyway...

I can't say I had a good time watching Good Time, but it stressed me out in all the right ways.

I picked this up because Matthew Reeves (writer/director of the "Apes" and upcoming "Batman" reboots) singled it out as the reason he cast Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I'm excited by Pattinson's casting. I've thought him to be a interesting and unique talent since he started doing bizarre independent movies post Twilight (Cosmopolis and The Rover are personal favorites). I'd say this fits into that.

It's getting complicated to find where to watch movies these days. I watched this courtesy of Amazon Prime.

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