mid90s ★★★½

Such an unexpectedly good film. It's not really my style from a technical standpoint, but I was impressed. It almost felt like a modern take on French New Wave. I hope that comparison isn't offensive to either side -- it's meant to be a huge compliment. A large part of it is how natural the cast feels.

The entire cast is so good; some known, and others not so much. Katherine Waterston has now officially charmed my pants off, and I want her to be in every movie from now on(*). If I don't see Na-kel Smith in more things, I'm going to cry. I could say that about most of them, honestly.

Overall, I was often moved and sometime anxious, but every time "Sunburn" smiled, I got happy.

A very welcome trip back in time... Jonah Hill captured something that felt real. Bravo, sir.

Oh, and great score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, *AGAIN*. However, my favorite part was Morrissey playing over what I'll call the skate escape. I've known a few skaters, and they mostly listen to punk or hip-hop, but they *all* know (and skate to) The Smiths. Always struck me as odd, but thus "We'll Let You Know"s inclusion was perfect.

(*) I just checked her IMDB page, and apparently she is in every movie. Where have I been all this time?

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